Syncronising with the Arkos AKG player

Started by Curlypaul, 20:31, 21 November 21

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Hello everyone!

I'm just starting out playing with the sound chip and I want to be able to sync visuals with the music, but I'm having trouble deciphering the player and data structure.

I've noted a few things, but the player is self modding and I'm not quite sure if what I want is possible.

Is there any inbuilt way to track which note is playing during any particular frame?


That's what the Event channel is for. The player doesn't do anything with it except copy it to PLY_AKG_EVENT, where your code can read it.


Excellent! Thank you!

I could see it was reading data from the track but couldn't see where it ended up. Wasn't helping matters that I'm recompiling for winape, which just added obscurity. Next project will use RASM though definitely.


Just for anyone else who finds this, while I'm certainly harnessing the event channel for other things, it's not really what I was after.

Trying to build some VU meters and want to track the volume, and while I could type out the volume in the event track, I don't like typing that much :)

I've tried reading the values back out of the AY, but it's pretty slow and the screen is always going to be a frame or two behind anyway. Current plan is to create a program that will save all the values to a file and read them back in.

I'm sure if I understood the player better I could determine which bytes are about to be writen to the AY next, but the file solution will do for now

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