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GFX + Tunes / Re: Amstrad music
Last post by dal - Today at 20:38
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: The CPC Modular
Last post by andycadley - Today at 20:22
Quote from: zhulien on Today at 18:12If there are additional bits in the GA are they actually working bits or dormat?

There aren't any actual "bits", it's just gaps in the address space or decoding where, if you were designing a more advanced chip, you could theoretically put additional functionality without altering existing behaviour. 
News & Events / Re: Amtix #7 online
Last post by HAL6128 - Today at 19:22
QuoteThe LUM input on a GT65 can be more or less used like a composite input. Amstrad used the seperate Sync signal mainly for the colour monitors but also used it to enhance the sharpness on the monochrome monitors although the sync signal is also superimposed onto the LUM signal already. Try connecting the composite out of the other computer just to LUM and GND. It should give you an ok picture.


from this thread:

News & Events / Amtix #7 online
Last post by seanmcmanus - Today at 18:46

As you're probably aware, Amtix is now being published regularly by Fusion Retro, with the branding and artwork officially licensed, and many of the regular features you'll remember from first time around, including reviews of the latest games. 

We've put issue #7 online in a Flipbook so you can share and enjoy, and get a taste for the mag:

It comes out in print and PDF, with subscriptions managed via Patreon. Back issues are available here:
AmtixCPC – Fusion Retro Books

And subs are here:

The Patreon setup says it's a monthly subscription, but you're only charged in a month when a magazine is published.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: The CPC Modular
Last post by zhulien - Today at 18:12
Quote from: abalore on Today at 14:25
Quote from: GUNHED on Yesterday at 22:31
Quote from: Bread80 on 21:57, 25 September 23
Quote from: d_kef on 16:59, 24 September 23That's a really great idea! Thanks for open sourcing it.
Are there also plans for an ASIC module?

Do you mean ASIC as in the Plus models or the gate array? If it's the latter I have a prototype working replacement using a pair of RP2040 (RPi Pico) which needs miniaturising and finishing off.
Would be nice to have this ASIC expanded from 15 to 255 sprite colors (the space is there. only 4 bits are used of each 8 bit for every dot in the sprite data area). Well, of course it would need to double the internal RAM of the ASIC. Just an idea.

I find also interesting to expand the CPC palette to 32 colors, the bit provision for it already exists in the GA.
If there are additional bits in the GA are they actually working bits or dormat?

If you were to use the additional bits of asic as e.g. transparency, then you may be able to have an internal genlkke capability of other functional ability to have additional optional screens behind without breaking backward compatibility as long as the behind screens are purely cosmetic.
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Thats what I call fantastic photo. ;)
I think he means to the sync pin, while the Y output of the SNES goes to the lum pin.
Quote from: Blue_0724 on Today at 13:13The Amstrad GT64 does not have a composite video input. Only RGB, sync and lum.
Luminance is kind of a monochrome composite video signal.

Quote from: abalore on Today at 12:18You can also try to connect the composite video directly to the composite input without the IC
did  ou mean Lum?
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