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Emulators / Re: ZEsarUX 11
Last post by Nich - Today at 19:09
Quote from: Neville on 15:02, 11 June 24Nevermind. I found the option to use keyboard as a joystick on Settings --> Hardware. But since I already made a fool of myself, could you allow Left CTRL and Left ALT as fire buttons too? Right CTRL and ALT work great, but those are even better.

I personally prefer the X and Z keys as they map to the CPC's output when you press the fire buttons at the Ready prompt. :)
Quote from: loftcat on Yesterday at 22:20My electronic copy of AmtixCPC issue 12 arrived in my inbox today. Sadly being the last copy I'm thinking about what to read next.. what physical (or digital pdf) publications are you reading, what do you recommend?

If text adventures are your thing (and I see from visiting your site that you wrote several of them back in the day!), I can thoroughly recommend The Classic Adventurer. 11 issues have been released so far, but I don't know if the editor, Mark Hardisty, plans to publish any more of them. They're available in digital and physical editions, although the physical editions are fairly expensive - but worth it in my opinion!
Hi All,

I've been after a plunger for a 664. I was resigned to having to design and 3d print, but I noticed the Amiga 500 plungers were also by Mitsumi and similar, so i bought a few.

It fits, although the central hole is a little larger on the amiga. A bit of blue tack and all is good.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone else.

664 plunger in blue in pic.
Programming / Re: Expanding Elite
Last post by Fessor - Today at 18:10
The code seems to me to be quite modular, complex, but modular. Some functions are divided into different memory areas so that they can be replaced by other functions at runtime. But on the whole it is quite modular. Since, according to the interview, they reprogrammed Elite for the Z80 from scratch, I don't know how it could suffer from the fact that the original runs on the 6502. But maybe i dont understand this question. 

Since, as far as I know, the very first Elite version was squeezed into 32k on the BBC, with a reduced shipset, you can say that the ZX version is almost identical in content. According to the interview, they would have liked to do more, but they ran out of time. They probably also ran out of memory to be able to fit more in. But this was the Basis they auctioned the porting Rights of.
So You can't/shouldn't compare the BBC's extended disc version with the one for the Spectrum and the CPC. That came later with the Port for the C64.

The spheres on the BBC may have been a nice gimmick at first, if that's what you meant, but I'm glad they didn't have recreated that on the z80s. The planets rotate way too fast and the axis and plane of rotation doesn't have much to do with science. I mean, even if you don't have orbital mechanics, these effects destroy the last illusion of it - for me at least
Tried the Dandinator - even the reset didn't work! Mind you, it doesn't work on my other Amstrad plus either (though things like MF2 seem to work)

The behaviour seems to mimic strongly what happens if you don't insert a cart and switch on (single colour blank screen). Had the cart riser out, cleaned and replaced it - no change.

Left on of a bit, the Z80 gets warm - about 45-50C. Same for the FDC and the ASIC. The RAM and other misc controller clips are cooler at 30C I'd say.

Noticeable though is the AY38912/P sound chip. It's getting quite warm, maybe 60-70C which seems odd given it's not processing any sound...

Got to say I forgot where I saw it on FB...
I really dig the look of Geocalc!
new function:  fn(<functionname>,<parameters>) and inbuilt SymBASIC to code them in ;)

half kidding, you have so much in there already that it's beyond any commercial spreadsheet of the 80s making it already the most powerful 8bit spreadhseet on the market - minus a fiew features I think... 

honestly, I'd consider using it like a database if it gave a choice of less columns and more rows :D

you might even be able to have a disc-based sheet as an option with an unlimited number of random-access rows but your existing column count.  it's possible that it will STILL be faster than the competition - image a 10,000 row Z80-based spreadsheet with random-access fetching / calculations etc
Programming / MOVED: Game Mod Challenges
Last post by Gryzor - Today at 11:49
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