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Games / Re: Ava Max Sings Oh Mummy for...
Last post by zhulien - Today at 03:00
Quote from: The Electric Monk on Yesterday at 16:16What Shaun said.

I knew the riff appeared in Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and Steve Martin's King Tut, and I knew there were many more, but I didn't realize how many more until I read the Wikipedia article. Oh Mummy even gets a mention :D

Its obvious Oh Mummy was the original  ;D  its amazing how many times the music has been used commercially.
Emulators / Re: Joystick question
Last post by Jean-Marie - Yesterday at 23:46
From the menu, select Settings and Input.
Tick on Enable Joystick, then click on the Load button, and select the Joystick.kbd file I have put in enclosure. You must drop that file in your WinAPE folder beforehand.
This will allow you to use the cursor keys as a joystick, with left CTRL & SHIFT acting as FIRE1 & 2.
Load the default.kbd file to set back the regular keyboard behavior.
News & Events / Re: The CPC 464 turned 40 toda...
Last post by loftcat - Yesterday at 23:40

My uncle got a 464 not long after it was released - my first contact with the machine before I got my hands on a CPC later on. Great early memories of The Galactic Plague, Spannerman and the Roland games! :D Happy Birthday 464!
Last post by krusty_benediction - Yesterday at 23:12
@Targhan sure, if 512 bytes is too large, for sure you can use 256 bytes and provide the remaining space to someone else. But keep in mind that in such project you lost space by using demosystem routines and mainly by writting crtc / color transitions that would not exist in a single 256 bytes demo

I expect to have time in the next days/weeks to finalize a proof of concept of the demosystem with 2 fake parts. It will ease discussions
Programming / Re: Basic On Mushroom
Last post by Bread80 - Yesterday at 22:41
Quote from: m_dr_m on 19:59, 11 April 24Super cool! Have you seen that can target the Z80?

Also, chainq did some work to port the compiler to MSX and CPC.
The last time I looked the Z80 output was unfinished. I get the impression it's a lot better now.

But FreePascal will only ever be a cross-compiler.

And I also want to move programming forward a notch or two from old-school compilers.
Off topic / Re: Eclipses, flat earthers an...
Last post by eto - Yesterday at 20:06
A total eclipse is a great experience. I was lucky enough to see one in 1999. The weather was not good and the sun was mostly behind clouds but for the second half of the eclipse the clouds moved so we could see it in all its beauty. 

It was quite weird too. You don't recognize it until it's almost full. And then all of a sudden it becomes cold and somehow blueish dark. Nature also reacts, e.g. birds stop their activities. And then, after a few minutes, the sun appears again - and the world is back to normal.
Emulators / Re: ACE for Linux,Mac, Windows...
Last post by roudoudou - Yesterday at 20:01
new release

Linux instruction set limited to sandybridge but it seems it's not enough for very old CPU until i found something else

- LibSDL upgraded to 2.30.2
- Shugart Drive ready loss time accuracy based on electronic sensors
- Drive distinction between EME-150A and EME-155
- FDC stress mode for command parameters
- allow configuration menu when in debug mode
- shadowing Joystick via Keyboard emulation at startup
- new HUD icon to temporary disabling Joystick via Keyboard emulation
- pressing F3 multiple time switch between Floppy/Snapshot load
- bugfix PSG volume with very high frequencies
- bugfix USB Joystick 1 Fire mapping
- bugfix multiple unintended opening of RamDump
Games / Re: Converted GX4000 .cpr - Th...
Last post by iXien - Yesterday at 19:42
Ok, here is a new one, a real hidden gem IMO, once again fully playable thanks to @Urusergi , of course :D

TRIAXOS from Ariola Soft

d-pad = Move the character in the desired direction
J1B1 = Fire / Open inventory (long press)
J1B2 = Pause game (J1B1 to resume game)
Pause button = Quit game

Any direction to quit the inventory, d-pad left/right and J1B1 to select an item (grenade or DHE-IV CHARGES)

Modifications for the GX4000 version:
    - Wait for fire on title screens,
    - Remapped keys,
    - Pokes : Unlimited laser, shield, time.

Triaxos is one of these games on computer in which the publishers seemed to consider that discovering what to do was part of the game itself. Really frustrating, making these games completely cryptic without any reason. I offer you a new instruction manual in the archive to start more easily what is really a good game, mature and more ambitious than many others  ;)
News & Events / Re: The CPC 464 turned 40 toda...
Last post by ZorrO - Yesterday at 19:30
What can be said more about CPC than was said 10 years ago?
Emulators / Re: Joystick question
Last post by ZorrO - Yesterday at 19:17
Mouse in Winamp work quite fine only with emulator on fullscreen, not in window. Because you move at once two pointer real in PC and CPC in emulator and each of them move in different speed and you click both point in the same time, what makes problems. 

As joy I using gamepad by USB, and work fine. :)
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