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News & Events / Re: Release of Amstrad Cpc Crt...
Last post by Apollo - Today at 11:43
Quote from: martin464 on 11:36, 19 January 23Learning French is easier than programming crtc, by the time you know crtc coding you will know all the French swear words too!
Learning French for 3 years as 3rd language in school, I disagree respectfully! :laugh:
Games / Re: ZX Spectrum ports
Last post by Anthony Flack - Today at 02:50
I actually rather like monochrome pixel art and a lot of the kids these days do, too. I do not enjoy a low framerate.

A 256 pixel wide screen has not-inconsiderable advantages for the speed-deficient CPC that even non-Spectrum ports can take advantage of. A 256x256 screen works very nicely. 

I also think some Spectrum ports look really good without redrawing any graphics. Starquake for instance, I think is just how it should be.

I always thought it was curious how Technician Ted actually reproduced the Spectrum's colour clash. It actually suits a game like that, in a funny kind of way. I had a green screen back when I used to play Technician Ted though, and it appears that whoever set the colours for that game had a green screen too, or perhaps was colour blind.

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
Last post by JayBlood - Today at 01:31
Hi Duke. Cpc Wifi receveid today. Thanks a lot!!! :) :) :)
Programming / Re: create good cpr for gx4000
Last post by andycadley - Yesterday at 20:00
It looks like it runs in WinAPE, though not RetroVirtualMachine. On a real machine the ASIC registers would prevent write-through or reading of RAM locations even where there aren't registers, so I'd call that a WinAPE bug. Easily fixed by moving the stack to a "safe" location where you aren't going to be paging the ROM or ASIC in and out, #C000 is a good call (the Z80 decrements the stack pointer before PUSHing a value so it won't matter that #C000 itself might be under a ROM).

From what I can see in WinAPE though, you've certainly come along and I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it. Keep asking questions if there is anything you don't understand. I'm thinking of trying to make some "how to write a game for the GX4000" tutorials and so seeing the bits that don't make sense to someone starting out is helpful in and of itself.
Programming / Re: create good cpr for gx4000
Last post by roudoudou - Yesterday at 19:48
this cannot RUN, you enable interrupt with stack in #8000 and Asic enabled, so the return address can't be written in Asic #7FFE
an interrupt will occur soon, return to zero, infinite loop
sure Winape is ok with that?
put stack in #C000 to be safe, this will push first values in #BFFE, #BFFC, ...
Hi again @Nich hehe

Can you make the immunity loader for this game? hehehe , it's a joke  :P  :P

I have spoken with Markus, and he has given me the file again, he has told me that you have to use the Parados ROM to be able to read the DSK.

The game doesnt work with CPCDOS

@Nich: About Devilmarkus...
Well, you can contact him through the German CPC Forum ( No problem to write in English. (If you need other kind of contact data PM / email me).
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: MultiPlay MX4 Expansion
Last post by GUNHED - Yesterday at 18:58
Me neither, will ask Odie when I see him in autumn. Maybe he got the sources still, so it should be easy to be done.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: MultiPlay MX4 Expansion
Last post by TotO - Yesterday at 18:44
No worry. In this case, I don't know. Probably not.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: MultiPlay MX4 Expansion
Last post by GUNHED - Yesterday at 18:44
Sorry, mixed that up with Odiesofts game. The question was about Odiesofts Megablasters.
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