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Programming / Re: How to crack tape games an...
Last post by pelrun - Today at 19:28
Quote from: scruss on Yesterday at 23:01I don't know if anyone's archived them

I scanned and uploaded them years ago :laugh: (I do wonder if anyone has the original issues 1-7 though, I only have the condensed version of those.)
Programming / Re: SAM (Atari 8bit Speech Syn...
Last post by BSC - Today at 19:28
Quote from: ZbyniuR on Today at 06:31@BSC - In this example he put sample in frequency register, it's maybe sound interesting but it not mean it play 8bit sample. :)
Have you seen the description below the video? The important part is:

".. and output as an analog voltage proportional to the 8 bit value."

I see it like this: As long as you manage to turn 256 discrete values into a corresponding voltage that is somehow made audible, you are essentially playing 8-bit samples. No matter how many and what kind of registers were abused along the way. 
Games / Re: ALCON 2020 ORDER (second b...
Last post by Tekopaa - Today at 16:59
roger 8)
Games / Re: Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 is...
Last post by tzok - Today at 16:31
I'm using a cartridge PCB from this topic:

There are no jumpers/solder links to be set.
Games / Re: ALCON 2020 ORDER (second b...
Last post by abalore - Today at 16:26
Quote from: Tekopaa on Yesterday at 20:24:( soon almost year from ordering but i havent gor my game+adapter :/

Any news on my order?

It's on the way to France and from there it will be sent to you. We'll send you the tracking number for your parcel as soon as it's available
Games / Re: Converted GX4000 .cpr - Th...
Last post by iXien - Today at 15:44
This week-end comes to GX4000 a true French production that lot of French CPC lovers will remind with nostalgia :

RENAUD from Infogrames

Endorced by the French singer Renaud, based on his song 'Marche A L'Ombre', this game has been translated in English, hopping to make some sells in countries Renaud is totally unknown. Renamed SIDEWALK, it remains a nice little action/adventure game but with really simple mechanics. In Spain, where some people known Renaud, particularly near the the French frontier, the name has been translated too but remaining his original name without mention to the song.

A really contextual game that a lot of French young players tried at least one time, found on an Amsoft blank floppy disk given by a friend in the playground, if you understand what I'm talking about. The Spanish version was badly translated, Danda and SyX hacked the game to offer a new translation in 2021. It's this new version that is used here to play on cartridge. You can refer the original instruction manuals in each language as no modification was needed to make this game work on GX4000.

Je n'ai qu'une chose à dire à ceux qui ne lanceront pas au moins une fois cette ROM sur leur GX4000 : "Casse toi, tu pues... Et marche à l'ombre !" 8)
Other retro / Re: We See Farther - A History...
Last post by Gryzor - Today at 14:53
Ooh nice, thanks! 
Programming / Re: CPChessNet [developing]
Last post by Joseman - Today at 14:40
Hi @Duke 

i see this annotation on your source code

" ld bc,250 ; max size, prevent overflow because I am too lazy to re-write the sendcmd... "

what's supposed to mean this annotation?

any problem with the buffer if >250?

Demos / Re: Collection of pictures for...
Last post by XeNoMoRPH - Today at 12:42
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