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Applications / Re: New customisable firmware (lower ROM).
« Last post by Duke on Today at 16:35 »
By the way, The @Duke , I cannot find the source for the Modified Lower ROM! I'd like to move M4ROM at 32 (instead of 6 or 7) and have it initialised

There isn't any source for it. I just patched in the hex codes after some disassembly. If you do a diff, ie.  fc /b original_lowerrom.bin modified_lowerrom.bin you will see the few bytes that was patched in and the small codeblock that was fitted by overwriting part of some Basic error string.
Basically it goes something like this (free from memory)

Lowerrom code....
call Init_rom(rom_num); // this is patched to jump to code block

code_block (part of string *** Program load failure *** or something, string was ended soooner and gave a few bytes):
if  (rom_num ==7)
    rom_num = 6;

return Init_rom(rom_num);
Maybe Ghouls'n Ghosts wes on the DSK, removed later and this file forgotten  ;D
┬┐zombis? ┬┐Maybe is a loader from another game?.
In the dsk there is g&g.basg&gpokes.bas
and the code.bin

Heh, it tells you to delete the lines for the cheats that you don't want.

So, if you don't want infinite lives, delete line 210.
For not going to next level when dying, delete line 220.
If you don't want slower game speed, delete line 230.
In order not to be invulnerable to anything but water, delete line 240.
To disable using ESC to go to next level, delete line 250.
If you don't want faster zombies, delete line 260.

Then run the program.

 i don't have time now,but i can teach how made xor games.
Anyway i have take little look to xor xor hudson hawk.

What the hell it this. The game have a hidden .bas not used in german!.

50 MODE 2
100 CLS:LOCATE 4,3:PRINT"Bitte ungewuenschte Zeilen loeschen"
110 LOCATE 3,4 :PRINT"====================================="
120 LOCATE 1,7:PRINT"Unendlich viele Leben          Zeile 210"
130 LOCATE 1,9:PRINT"Naechstes Level nach Tod       Zeile 220"
140 LOCATE 1,11:PRINT"Verlangsamtes Spiel            Zeile 230"
150 LOCATE 1,13:PRINT"Nur durch wasser verwundbar    Zeile 240"
160 LOCATE 1,15:PRINT"Bei Esc' ins naechste Level    Zeile 250"
170 LOCATE 1,17:PRINT"Schnellere Zombies             Zeile 260"
180 LOCATE 7,21:PRINT"Dann mit 'run' wieder starten"
190 LOCATE 6,22:PRINT"===============================":DELETE -190
200 MEMORY 4863:LOAD"code.bin"
210 POKE 20636,0
220 POKE 20633,24
230 POKE 33421,0
240 POKE 33410,0
250 POKE 20630,200
260 POKE 34148,0:POKE 34149,0
270 CALL 20480:END

@Davor Vitief  @iXien
I've looked at Hudson Hawk, but I can't do this game, the reason being is due to compression.  :doh:

Maybe at @Urusergi or @dragon could do this one if they have the time and feel like it.
That's weird, it seems that only XOR cracked this game! I found nowhere another version. Like GEEBEE AIR RALLY, HUDSON will be one of these games I put in my personnal todo list. I will sometimes look for another cracked version, maybe uncompressed this time.
Games / Who Ate Rudy's Sandwich? [Game + Video Tutorial]
« Last post by xubuntu on Today at 16:04 »
I made game and a video for it.

The source code is available in the description.

I wanna thank @goksteroo for his precious help with the talking bot.
Nice to know that.
UMC has produced "CRTC0" clone (UM6845) and a revised version "CRTC1" (UM6845R).
The UM6845R features are described here:
Some modern CPC demo effects only works because they use the CRTC1.
Back in time, games like krafton&xunk or bob winner had trouble with CRTC versions. Hopefully they were fixed before release!!!
UMC has produced "CRTC0" clone (UM6845) and a revised version "CRTC1" (UM6845R).
The UM6845R features are described here:
Some modern CPC demo effects only works because they use the CRTC1.
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