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Programming / Re: Syncronising with the Arkos AKG player
« Last post by Curlypaul on Today at 01:00 »
Just for anyone else who finds this, while I'm certainly harnessing the event channel for other things, it's not really what I was after.

Trying to build some VU meters and want to track the volume, and while I could type out the volume in the event track, I don't like typing that much :)

I've tried reading the values back out of the AY, but it's pretty slow and the screen is always going to be a frame or two behind anyway. Current plan is to create a program that will save all the values to a file and read them back in.

I'm sure if I understood the player better I could determine which bytes are about to be writen to the AY next, but the file solution will do for now
Nice and amazing to see such huge numbers on a CPC, but the stick is 99% fake ...

Only 2TB USB stick I know of is really huge and cost around 1300US$ ... All those Sticks with TB are mostly 32GB Sticks with a fake data sheet on it ....

PS : Ok, the price is outdated but even REAL and TESTED one Terabyte USB Sticks start at 150€ (and that are the cheap ones)
I wasn't up to date regarding USB memory stick prices and capacities, but then I just recognized, that they become crazy powerful and cheap.
Today I received a new USB stick for my CPC: The price wasn't much more than 30€, very small, and the capacity is - YES - crazy 2TB.

When I coded the SymbOS filesystem and SymCommander around 2004/2005, I probably never thought, that I would ever get such a display  :o But it works without problems.
An 8bit machine from 1984 is able to access a mass storage device, which can store a stack of full printed papers, which has the height of 45.000km, which is around 1/9 to the moon.
Or which is the amount of memory of more than 16 million CPC6128, which would form a line of 8400km, which is about 2/3 of the diameter of planet earth.
Yes, just nice playing with numbers, but it's still cool IMHO :)
Technical Support / PC 1512 - error: faulty system ram
« Last post by trolleymaster on Yesterday at 22:32 »
Hi folks
hoping someone can assist

I've acquired an Amstrad PC1512 which starts up but then displays :

error: faulty system ram

So I have put new sockets in and replaced all the ram chips suspecting one or more to be faulty, but still get the error.
I was very careful to ensure that I used the same type of chip 41256-15

Can anyone offer the next thing to try ?

Thanks in advance !
The device itself must be connected to a computer, but the cartridges you write can be later used on a GX4000.
ok understand. are those cartridges, if used with a gx4000 then still writable?
News & Events / Re: Interview with Crispin Sinclair
« Last post by Otto on Yesterday at 22:25 »
Thanks XeNoMoRPH for this fascinating interview!

It has good questions and excellent answers from Clive Sinclair's son. Who would know the father better than the son?

Really great information from first hand about the home-computer genius Clive Sinclair.

I'm happy that my first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I enjoyed my second one, a CPC 664, better, but the Spectrum had and will always have the "perfect pioneer atmosphere".
Programming / Re: Amstrad Plus Sprites vs Amiga Sprites
« Last post by andycadley on Yesterday at 20:47 »
I'm not entirely sure how a split screen space invaders would work (or if it would fit in with what I had in mind) but I'll certainly think about it. Assuming I ever actually do anything.  :laugh:
Games / Re: GEM JAM - official release
« Last post by CraigsBar on Yesterday at 18:43 »
Just to add, I extracted the game onto my M4. it works perfectly there too. including the high score saving. A brilliant touch and great game. I am really enjoying it.
Programming / Re: My Lockdown Project: A Bejeweled/CandyCrush Clone
« Last post by CraigsBar on Yesterday at 18:41 »
Congratulations, fabulous game!
But difficult  :o

Well playing in B/W is definately gonna make it harder. Perhaps I should try ona green screen!
Games / Re: GEM JAM - official release
« Last post by CraigsBar on Yesterday at 18:38 »
I just had a quick game. Really well implemented version of the classic. Nicely done without getting the messy sprites etc that usually occur with this type of game with limited colours. One request tho @arnolde  if I may... would it be possible to add the MultiPlay Amiga Mouse as a control option. I find this type of game plays better with mouse control? and the more games we can get compatible with the only remotely available hi resolution mouse interface perhaps we could make it a standard!
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