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Your schematic looks correct but I number everything the other way round  :)

My 464 has a 3" drive and a Gotek as drive A and another 3" drive and Gotek as drive B. I have a switch to send DS0 to either the 3" drive or the Gotek and another switch to do the same for DS1 and it all works.

However, I have a switch to permanently connect pin 34 to 33 to keep the READY constantly on.  (Pins 1 and 2 on your schematic). Other than this I think your scheme should work.

Good luck.
Got an email saying shipping was imminent and that it should leave on October 5th.
Excited now. :D
Yeah, I don't get it either, it's the absolute minimum in effort. Would it make any difference if it says c64 or Microsoft on her shirt?

Going to split the thread. 
I'm not even sure why this is posted at all. It's created by someone who is into Amstrad CPCs and he loves to write "Amstrad" on big boobs. Imho that does not constitute any Amstrad relevance and I would highly appreciate if I am no longer presented with those AI phantasies.

That's useful. I was able to create a 'virtual' drive and amend that sector (it only created a blank screen, however, as I edited that sector and added code for a 8086-processor boot sector - yes... I know that is wrong for a Z80 processor, but once I can begin to disassemble the CP/M bootloader and see what I can do with it, then we shall see how successful it might be as a project  :) )
Okay, I recreated the schematic for the Cable as the version in the DDI-1 Service Manual is really confusing and in bad quality.
I did some measurements and here is my quick schematics of the DDI-1 Cable and the connectors.
You cannot view this attachment.

So it looks like there should be no issue whatsoever to connect a Gotek to Drive B connector, as it is absolutely correct.

Also the correct setting for Pin 2 and 34 should be NC and READY.
Jumper needs to go to S1 and not S0.

And that should actually fix it. The Motor line also can be enabled if existent.

So with all that setup I still wonder what goes wrong, but can only test further in the next few days.

Any ideas?
Programming / Burning Rubber on CPC classic
Last post by Joseman - Today at 13:48
These days i was trying to execute Burning Rubber on classic just disabling the CPC features.

Well, it boots to the menu and music...

Just for fun, nothing else!

Games / Re: New game ART WAR! (text ad...
Last post by mv - Today at 12:43
When I was looking for some BASIC games I found this one.
And I have to say, I like it. Nice images, atmospheric music and a nice story with not too many options to choose.

I adapted it for CPCBasicTS and included it in CPCBasicApps:

For CPCBasicTS I had to comment line 2090 because "GOSUB 2500" does not exist.
Then I renamed the images and packed them in a ZIP file. They are extracted to the browser's local storage if necessary (line 13000; |dir,"").
I also put in some delays managed by GOSUB 12000. Maybe I missed a delay or two, e.g. for the shot in the wheel.
Unfortunately there is no music as it is not in BASIC. (Hmm, or would it be possible to have an Arkos Tracker in BASIC?)

The solution helps if you need too much trial and error.
I was thinking about encrypting the text, perhaps with ROT13 (, but there is already a walkthrough on YouTube.
To speed up the loading of the images on a real CPC, it would be possible to compress the images or put them in available additional memory, but this would require some assembly code.

Line 290 is interesting: Partial clearing the text buffer with 4 times INKEY$:
290 q$=INKEY$:y$=INKEY$:z$=INKEY$:w$=INKEY$
I'm not sure why not using a loop that consumes all the keys in the buffer, but this one has the advantage that you can put the complete walkthrough or parts of it in a string and use it as a URL parameter for the main program artwar2: input=1xxxxxxSxxxx6xxxx4xxxx1xxxxSxxxx3 ...

With CpcBasicTS you can also play the game with the mouse. Simply click on the numbers to select an action or click anywhere on other screens to continue.

I also included two other text adventures in CPCBasicApps: Budrumi and Battle of Leningrad...
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Banked Video RAM?
Last post by McArti0 - Today at 10:13
Prototype SpiderMonster without soldering.  :laugh: The keyboard doesn't press on this monster.

First time closed CPC6128 and NewPAL inside.

I pressed the goldpins with a soldering iron to half their length.

It turned out that the VRAM banks toggler works when there are 0-4 nops between OUT instructions.


Becauce CNT3/DLY3 in GreenPAK IC has counter data 5
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