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Other retro / Re: Enterprise 128 - Renegade ...
Last post by Iridium+ - Today at 00:36
The Enterprise is a fantastic machine.

My 2nd ❤️ after my CPC. 
Other retro / Argon Light V2 Z80 Computer
Last post by Iridium+ - Today at 00:31
Hi everyone, 

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but it's a real (new) Z80 microprocessor retro computer which also utilises the Esp32 as a coprocessor. It also runs BBC BASIC. Oh, and in benchmarks it's much faster than the very much anticipated Spectrum NEXT! 

It's available for €50 and £58 from the links at the bottom of this message. 

From the OLIMEX website:

AgonLight2 is OSHW certified Open Source Hardware with UID BG000090

  • eZ80 processor with 128KB flash 8KB SRAM
  • 512KB external SRAM
  • ESP32-D4-PICO co-processor for IO
  • VGA output
  • USB/PS2 keyboard
  • MicroSD card connector
  • Li-Po battery charger and step-up converter
  • UEXT connector
  • GPIO 34-pin connector

OLIMEX Argon Light V2
The PiHut Argon Light V2

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: 8" floppy drive working on...
Last post by craem - Yesterday at 23:26
hi, my unit it's a shugart 8" with a 50 to 34 pin converter and a jumper to set Ready signal.

It's a Single Side / Simple density unit and only test format in data / system 178-169 kb's.... 

To connect power supply it's another war: 110v, +5 -5 +24 and -24v

Nothing special, but format 8" floppy disc with an amstrad cpc it's magic :)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Galaxy & Zen80 boards
Last post by Iridium+ - Yesterday at 23:05
OK, this seriously has to happen.

ICs are getting easier and cheaper to find again now, so mark me down for one.

You're the only man that can do it, Duke!  :D
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
Last post by Iridium+ - Yesterday at 22:05
So... Looking forward to this arriving!

C'mon Mr Postman, hurry up!

Quick question.

Near the beginning of this thread, someone found an enclosure (box/case) on eBay that was nearly perfect for the M4. Unfortunately that listing was a while ago now and the it's gone.

Does anyone know which case it was - the manufacturer and ideally the case number?

I'm not too keen on printed cases as they always look rough with a bad finish - certainly not worthy of putting an M4 in! 😂

Many thanks.

Thanks for the good advice  :) On the cpc 664, the disc drive is located above the power switch. It may be some work to remove it first and I will not risk ruining anything either. I rather wait until the problem gets a litte worse than it is right now  ;D
Programming / Re: Porting a CPC Plus disk ga...
Last post by andycadley - Yesterday at 19:39
I'd just do:

LD BC,#4000

At the start of the startup ROM. At which point it won't matter if it gets paged out, since ROM and RAM from #0000 to #3fff will contain the same data anyway.

Programming / Re: Porting a CPC Plus disk ga...
Last post by Cwiiis - Yesterday at 19:15
I guess a concern doing this is that you can't do this running code from the mapped low rom as it'll disappear once you remap it... So the bootstrap sequence will be

- Enable Plus features
- Copy bootstrap to ram (at &4000 seems convenient)
- Jump to bootstrap

- Map X low-rom bank at &8000
- Copy &8000 to &8000
- Unmap bank
- Jump to &8000
- Turbo Esprit. Now loading. Seeing the load screen with the Lotus. No weird sounds. Crossing fingers... AND DRIVING!!!!!! wohoooooooo 1 of 8
- El Zorro's time.... screeching sound at the very beginning. Loading block 1. Read error b. Go for side B... a small screeching sound at the beginning. LOADING: Please Wait message... blue border. C'mon baby! Zorro's and US GOLD logo loading... strange sound like dying without air. Tape stops. Screen goes to black :( There's something at the beginning of side A (end of side B)
- Ok Bruce Lee. I trust in you. A lot of screeching sound at the beginning. Loading block 1. Mode 0. Loading Please wait message... blue border... black lines in the border.... Bruce's images plus US Gold logo loading... Image loaded... Tape stops. Screens goes to black... OMG Side B same screeching sound and Read error a at the very beginning. Second attempt on side B was even worse. Tape stops. I think the magnetic tape is very close to the reader... Side A again and Read error b now. Gonna let tape deck on hold for a while before try Saboteur
- Saboteur. No strange sounds. Loading block 1 (some screeching sound of course) blue border, black screen and... the ninja starts to load. Same as yesterday. Double crossing fingers. Ninja is fully displayed. Same as yesterday. There is still hope. Screeching sound. Read error b (plus Read error a when I hit Stop). Mierda. Gonna try side B and I'll let it go until I got the idler tyre spare. (Got a read a error while loading ninja image on side B)
Quote from: Bryce on Yesterday at 17:12If the cassettes aren't welded closed then just loosening the cassette screws can help.

No screws.... I'm just now "twisting" the tapes and rewind+FF in another cassete deck... Gonna try again in a few minutes in the CPC
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