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Games / Re: CPC Formula 1 [WIP]
Last post by sigh - Today at 15:41
That is mighty impressive!

I would love to see the actual car you are driving to give it that FZero vibe.
I was also thinking how nice it would be to not make it an F1 game, but a PowerDrift type of game instead so that it would have hills, dips and jumps. I'm guessing that a lot more memory would need to be freed up, so it would probably need to be a mode 1 game?
Games / Re: CPC Formula 1 [WIP]
Last post by cwpab - Today at 13:54
Mode 7, point & click adventures...

At this rate, the Amstrad CPC will be receiving a Tomb Raider 3D port by 2050 and a Shadow of the Colssus one by 2075.

The bits of this machine are duplicating every few decades!
MacGyver could do it himself with one hand.

You can do It on stiff wires. z80 wait line (Ready) and iorq pin 20
Quote from: robertix on Yesterday at 22:17Thanks a lot. You're so right. My CPC is a german 6128 ... not plus :) I wasn't aware that the 6128 and the 6128 plus have a different pinlayout 🙈 But what is the exact layout? Pinning translation between different connectors (CPC-PL-9, Centronics 36pin, Floppy connector 34pin) ? ? ?

That was on the Wiki page that McArti already mentioned: 

Your cable currently is configured like the first connector from the left but it needs to be like the second one. 

Double check if they have aligned the red lane like in this picture or from the other side. 
avatar_Sykobee (Briggsy)
Games / Re: CPC Formula 1 [WIP]
Last post by Sykobee (Briggsy) - Today at 11:55
Looks great, are there any technical details how this fake mode 7 works in this game?
Line doubling? 32 char wide screen for optimal maths? Byte addressing, not nybble.
Thanks. I thought that must be correct.

Is there a way of doing this with less than 3 people? 😅 I did see that I could use a little solder to fix the wires to the pins, but I'm not doing this because I don't own this 6128.

If not, it's ok, I have two teenagers that can help.
Yes permanetly stop Z80 by continue iorq-ready and next permanetly stop GA by continue Red.
More simply, should I continue to short IORQ->READY while I also do IC115->R143 (red wire)? So both wires at the same time. (4 hands!)

(Also, I now have an oscilloscope, if that is useful during these tests.)
Games / Re: WIP Transversion
Last post by Typhon - Today at 09:40
Quote from: Gryzor on Today at 04:11Didn't know of this, looks interesting.

But please do something about the sound 😁
Our lovely MrLou has granted me permission to use some of his music instead of the Speccy's dulcet tones.
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