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here is what it does to me now. At each start, to know that it works after 15 starts.

Welcome, and have fun with your Plus :)
Welcome mate, nice to have you here!
You could always try some 1.44MB disks but use a bit of tape to cover the hole.
Then you can format it as a 720KB disk.
This is what I use for my 464 but I don't know anything about the NC200 so can't comment on what may or may not work.
General Discussion - Introductions / Hi all from Spain!
Last post by bene78 - Yesterday at 15:13
Hello everyone!

Greetings from Spain.
Although I registered a long time ago, I had not seen the presentation forum, so here is mine. I hope I can help and contribute in any way I can.

I am an Amstrad enthusiast. They are the machines that I had in my childhood and with which I learned to program and mess around, and over time I have been able to recover them.
Many memories and hours as a child messing with them.

I have a CPC 6128 (with external gotek), a PCW 8256 (with internal gotek) and a PPC512 (this last one tuned with an internal gotek and a cga color screen).

Greetings to all!
General Discussion - Introductions / Hello from Poland
Last post by tooloud - Yesterday at 14:53
Hi folks. I'm back to CPC after a few years (previously with Schneider CPC6128 and JustCPC from Zaxon) this time with Amstrad CPC6128+. Now it's time for me to enjoy few areas of "plus" series with demoscene :)
Games / Re: Converted GX4000 .cpr - Th...
Last post by RockRiver - Yesterday at 14:33
Love Ultimate/Rare ; Love U , mates

Recoloring Gunfright & Nightshade to CPC+ palette and with more colours (not only 4) will be great.
As at Spec256 or MSX2 isometric Ultimate's&Ritman/Drummond remake versions.

@Ayor61: Cyril, which util can we use to make that??? Or all in Z80 assembler????

[ If you like isometrics: you must try Abadia (cpr) , now in english too: Abbey of Crime (cpc-power) ]
[guide pdf here:    ] sorry in spanish. Maybe g translator...

Another last isometric  jewel : Monster Max (GB)(monochrome only) by Ritman/Drummond (published by Titus/Rare)
Yezz NGB is another Z80 cousin 8bit system

RIP Paco Menendez / RIP Bernie Drummond  :'(
As luck would have it, my wife found an old external USB 3.5-inch drive during a clear out of the garage. And then, as suspected, I plugged it into the Mac and it won't read the CPC-formatted disks. Hopefully _sid's solution will work.

I can see one disk has Crystal X games written on the label. I can see a couple of games by this company are available for download online ( but I think I have the whole catalogue of titles.
Applications / Re: MicroDesign Plus
Last post by Titi - Yesterday at 13:36
Quote from: ComSoft6128 on Yesterday at 09:53MicroDesign 2 CPC (Beta)

This is a Beta test version of the program that was never completed.

Not emulated - original hardware and software.
Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.
@OffseT  : Tu dois voir cette vidéo !!
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