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Games / Re: Antstream - cool or not? And some nice flame wars.
« Last post by Shaun M. Neary on Yesterday at 18:17 »
My position on Antstream is that any platform that can broaden the appeal of retro games and systems is a good thing. Nobody is forcing anyone to use it, and if someone creates a game for a retro (or any) system, it is up to them how they release it, whether its free or paid for or exclusive to a particular platform. Nobody is entitled to it.

I've no problem with that, Ego, I really don't.
However I do have a problem with people whining out their ass just because they were butthurt reading an opposing opinion!

PS: I thought you left here a good while back after telling me to go die of cancer btw... nice to have you back. :)
Games / Re: Re: "Xyphoe's Nightmare" Teaser Trailer!
« Last post by Shaun M. Neary on Yesterday at 18:12 »
It was absolutely disrespectful.  And if it's 'converted to Amstrad' then how is it not an Amstrad game?  Are arcade ports not Amstrad games since they were 'converted to Amstrad'?   Have you got some weird gatekeeper rules going on there because you might need to explain them to us so we can all follow your CPC version of the ten commandments.

Did you forget to take your meds this morning Carn?!
From what I understand, the game wasn't fully finished for a dsk release, controls etc. I'm open to correction on that but I really could not be bothered wading through that thread. Ergo if Antstream gets it first, its an Antstream game.

Also you might want to go through the thread before going off on a tirade. The author was actually more annoyed with a comment about not using masked sprites. I wasn't the first person to comment on the Antstream issue, again, re-read through that thread and you'll see that.

Finally, I didn't belittle the work of the game. I belittled the platform they used, and I stand by it. If you're going to release a product that's exclusively on paywalled emulation system like Antstream, then it can get in the bin! Again, that's a knock on the platform, not the game itself. I haven't played the game therefore I can't exactly comment on it, can I?

And then you try act victim with that 'price I pay for speaking my mind' like you one of those idiot celebs worried they're getting 'cancelled' because of stupid stuff they said.  You belittled and were rude about the work of another user on here with that initial comment so no wonder they got upset about it.

That's not playing the victim. I couldn't care less for cancel culture, nor could I care less if people agree or disagree with me, Carn. My opinions are my own and I air them on a discussion forum (last I checked, the Wiki forum was a discussion forum and not a dictatorship... or did I miss that memo as well?). I gave my opinion, just because you disagree with it didn't mean I didnt have a valid point.

Why don't you tell it like it is, you got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning and came on here for a nice rant. Hope you feel better for getting it off your chest. Better than than stewing in your own bile, I find. :)  
Games / Re: Adapting loading screens that sucked.
« Last post by Brundij on Yesterday at 18:11 »
I also did this one a few days ago for the game Top Top which had no loading screen, a shame since they made a cool cover illustration for it. Also there's a CDT done that includes the loading screen and uses a nice loader with stripes in the border instead of the standard loading routine by blocks.
Games / Re: Everything looks better in scanlines!
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:46 »
That certainly would be an overkill :) I was just wondering because there was a talk earlier of incorporating it in some existing emulator.

In any case, you can already achieve similar effect using existing shaders in Retroarch or ShaderGlass
Oh yeah I use shaders in Retroarch which does almost all of my emulation for me.   ShaderGlass is great too for anything else I don't use Retroarch for.   My PC is getting real old so I can't go nuts with too many shaders and filters and such but I've managed to compromise and settle for a decent config without dragging the running of the actual games down any.  I can't be doing with a 'clean' image anymore. Especially knowing how many 8 and 16 bit games actually made use of the odd aspects of CRTs particularly in their graphic choices and techniques. Aspects that just don't exist in modern TV's and so have to be faked to get the graphics to appear the way the original artists intended.   :)
Games / Re: Moritz on the Autobahn release :-)
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:38 »
Hey, yeah I bought this game back on the 8th when it came out and yeah I like it.  Good fun.   :)
CPCWiki Discussion / Re: A specific board for gfx and music?
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:36 »
Heh. I did notice that new board earlier and wondered if it was new or not seeing as it's empty.  I only pop maybe once or twice a week (usually lurking looking for interesting stuffs) so wasn't sure how long that had been there.  Nice addition though!
Games / Re: "Xyphoe's Nightmare" Teaser Trailer!
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:34 »
Looks like a fun game. Nice job.
(also amused by the previous comment where Gryzor states this is about the game and not Antstream but the very first comment after the initial video post is Gryzor mentioning dislike of Antstream.  Did that happen naturally or as a result of the chopping of this thread into two?)
Hardware related / Re: GX4000 LED on but no video over scart
« Last post by dragon on Yesterday at 17:28 »
That's because the z80 try read de c4cpc at least.

The gx4000 the first do was read the cartridge.

Try these ram test and view if something is displayed.
Games / Re: TETRIS dotBAS
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:19 »
Games / Re: Adapting loading screens that sucked.
« Last post by Carnivius on Yesterday at 17:17 »
Here is an ALTERNATIVE loading screen for Chase H.Q. This one uses the ZX screen size plus one more line (256x200)
The other ones look decent but this one's my fave for sure.  The guys look a lot cooler and better drawn.

The toki coder is working to improve chase h.q, maybe he will add a new title screen.
What? How? Am curious.  I thought it was already an amazing port.  What's being added? :O
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