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Started by CPC_Fan, 16:21, 04 October 15

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Of course you did. Pedantic.


And of course, the disc version of Famous Five will be bugged.



I download a 380mb zip that included the disks but I cannot remember where I downloaded from except that it was an emulator site.
It was named AmstradCPC_ROMS.7z. It also had a lot of PD stuff, magazines, demos etc. etc as well as a zillion games. About 6,000 images.

Here are the individual disk downloads that I have though on this site.

I still have the zip if you pm me to arrange a transfer, I could put it on the cloud somewhere.  ;)

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Only just come across and read your post Bignumbers, as unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to read the forum these past few months.

I would be very interested if you still have the zip in downloading it. I don't have an account with any of the cloud services though, so I am not sure how I would access it?


I too am hoping we can somehow one day get a complete collection of the covertapes (or even better as disk versions) online on or the wiki etc...
I have all of the original covertapes, so I suppose I could go through them trying to copy them from tape one by one - is there a best way to go about starting to do this? And does anyone know if we can get them all over and converted as disk images rather, including all the ones that weren't originally available via the transfer program etc..?


Is it my idea or did they use to include a transfer-to-disk program?

[EDIT] ah yes you mention so yourself :) Yes, it's be nice to have them indeed...

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CPC-Power has a lot of them.

search for Amstrad Action


Apologies for the thread necromancy but I'm on a bit of an Amstrad Action spree at the moment and I'm planning on converting all my tapes to disk, would there be a demand for these on the Wiki? And if so, how would I go about uploading them?

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From what I see on there are some in an archive, mixed tapes and dsk images. But of course it'd be nice to have them all!

It depends on how much legwork you want to to do, we could add a link to a separate file next to each covertape entry, or we could lump them all together. Feel free to upload them anywhere, say Google Drive or something and we'll see the best way to do it :)

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