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Title: Turbo the Tortoise - Tape version cheat
Post by: VincentGR on 20:07, 26 November 15
 So, I want to play this game on my cpc but he is away from me for the moment.
There was a disk version with a cheat but I wanted a tape version too as I need to practice the game first.
I only found two original tape versions without a cheat.
After some google search I spotted a type in (http://cpczone.emuunlim.org/game/933).
That was great!!! Not…
As the page said the listing was scanned/ocr so mistakes are present.
I am not a coder so I tried to fix some of the code trying to remember basic commands that I used to code since 1988…
I altered the code and the game runs now from tape with unlimited energy.
There is a problem though.
There is some graphics corruption in the display bar at the bottom.
So if you like this idea you can try to make this listing perfect as we have many pro coders here.

tape version and disk version of cheat (cheat.bas)