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Title: Amstrad CPC 6128 Repair
Post by: Swisstoni on 16:37, 12 August 18
Ive recently got my CPC 6128 out of the loft but it appears to have developed a fault and I was hoping someone on here may repair Amstrads. Although both the Amstrad and Monitor power up I get nothing but a rolling picture on the monitor even after messing with the horizontal pot ive tried typing commands on the keyboard to see if the disk drive powers up but nothing, please see below a video of the issue :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wrKFhvGkGU&feature=youtu.be (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wrKFhvGkGU&feature=youtu.be)

Title: Re: Amstrad CPC 6128 Repair
Post by: Chinnery on 13:56, 13 August 18
Hi Swisstoni,

One thing I have noticed quite often with old kit is that the contacts inside get a bit crusty. Quite often all that is needed is to open the case and "jiggle" all the socketed chips, by levering them ever so slightly up then pushing back down. This is often enough to get the contact working again.

If you've never opened a 6128, just be careful of the ribbon connector for the keyboard. Its only a thin film, and can be quite fragile.

You may also find that the drive belt is kaputt after all these years of storage, but that can be sorted later.

Title: Re: Amstrad CPC 6128 Repair
Post by: MikeSDK on 10:12, 17 August 18
I find it strange that none of the "gurus" of CPC repair have responded to this thread yet. Now I'm by no means an expert on CPC repair, but one thing you can try to see if the machine is actually functioning is press the Delete key - if you hear a beep from the speaker the machine is working fine for the most part and the problem is your monitor - if not it's probably something a lot more serious like the CRTC or the Gate Array - I seem to remember reading about a similar problem on these forums - you may want to do a thorough search for that and see what the solution, if any was found, was.
Title: Re: Amstrad CPC 6128 Repair
Post by: Bryce on 11:08, 17 August 18
I'm on holidays, so I haven't been browsing the Forum. The vertical deflection circuitry in the monitor has failed, most likely a capacitor as it is only partially collapsed (it would be a single line if the trasistor had failed). The computer is probably fine.


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Title: Re: Amstrad CPC 6128 Repair
Post by: SOS on 11:21, 17 August 18
When you press "DEL" you can hear a beep from the speaker?
When you type in |TAPE   , then press enter and then type in  RUN"   + Press Enter => you can hear the Tape Relais?