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Started by Velociraptor, 06:46, 07 November 21

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Can I use a double sided drive from a pcw in a 664, if I switch to parados?


Parados & DES will will allow for file transfer between 3.5" PCW disks on drive B to 3" drive A. But (always a but) the Parados default is for large format disks on Drive B only + I don't know enough about the DS PCW drives to say if that configuration would work.  In short, maybe it would work but likely not worth the effort.



I think I'll give it a try anyway. I'm still not settled on what my ideal setup would be for my CPC. I have a PCW A and B drive coming to replace the dead drive in the 664. As far as I understand the A drive is a direct swap and the B drive might work with Parados, and if it doesn't then perhaps it might work with parados if I swap the drive in an FD-1 over to it. Although I do also have a 3.5" external.

When I get around to it I'll come back and report what I found in case it helps someone else.


Quote from: Velociraptor on 06:46, 07 November 21
Can I use a double sided drive from a pcw in a 664, if I switch to parados?
In short YES. ParaDOS and FutureOS do support 80 Track DS formats on all drives.

However, I would prefer to use a 3,5" drive (with adpater), because regarding the electrical properties from 80 track DSDD drives from PcW some 'issues' were reported.

Good luck reptile!  ;) :)
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