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How Can I Establish BBS for Amstrad CPC/PCW/NC

Started by DoctorCPC, 03:22, 15 August 22

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unfortunately I have never used BBS before. I don't know BBS systems very well. but how can I set up a BBS that can be used for Amstrad CPC/PCW/NC? Is there a step-by-step documentation? Also, will the BBS I set up for Amstrad CPC work in other environments, for example, on Commodore 64?
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At its core, a BBS just sends a text stream to your computer. To allow for a bit of styling it uses control characters/sequences. If these sequences follow a standard, any computer system that understands this standard will be compatible with your BBS. A typical standard was VT100 / ANSI

I just found this ANSI terminal for the Amstrad, which sounds promising:

However I do not really know how to set-up a BBS today, especially if you want to connect to it over the internet.


There were one or two CPM BBS programs for the 6128 and the PCW but unfortunately I don't have any info on them.

The program that @eto has highlighted is an AMSDOS program and I used it for years to connect to BBS & eventually an email service, however it will not allow the user to run a BBS on a 6128.


Quote from: ComSoft6128 on 11:17, 15 August 22however it will not allow the user to run a BBS on a 6128.
Is the goal to run it on a CPC? Or a BBS that can be used by a CPC (and other computers)? I thought we are looking for a client program.

I would probably look for a BBS that can be run on a hosted webserver and supports telnet.

Btw: The M4 already has a telnet client:


Still my favourite video regarding accessing a BBS with the Amstrad CPC! :)



Never hosted a BBS on an Amstrad but I have a telnet one on my Pi.
It is CPC friendly too although you cannot download anything, at least with the client I have (M4)


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