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I need help archiving floppy disks probably from PCW

Started by V-12/Tropyx, 08:54, 26 July 22

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Hello Amstrad Freaks :)

I own 6 pieces of 3" disks which were in usage around 1990 year by one woman at the University. She gave me these disks some years ago and I thought when I will buy 6128 then I will be able to read them. Unfortunately the disks doesn't want to display directories so I started to think that they could be saved on PCW machine. Probably yes, because they have probably only articles, atleast this is how hand-written labels says. So the disks must contain only text files.

I would like to preserve these disks but I don't know how. I don't have access to PCW, I have only naked CPC 6128. I was looking for someone in Poland for help but got no response yet. Any ideas what I can do with this interesting problem? 


Hi, and welcome to the CPCWiki!

Maybe the disks are in CP/M format, you could try booting CP/M on your 6128 and then try to do DIR on your disks.

Other than that, you'd need to send your disk to someone with the proper setup to dump them. Either a PC with a 3" drive or some fancy card like a Kryoflux or Supercard Pro.



Do you know if the disks are A: (SS, 173k) or B: (DSDD, 730k).   The notes re contents might help determine that.

You may have a job finding the right sort of machine in Poland.

I could read, and save contents to a .DSK image, an A: type disk, but not a B: type.  Or save the files as .TXT files as PC format.   Can you get one disk to UK to test?


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