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Keyboard problem in my Plus.

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Then is fine! I already sent a mail to him!  :)

Yup... is definitely the membrane. When I put the keyboard back, sometimes does not work properly, then I move the membrane a little bit just in the area that is close to the insertion in the motherboard and it works again. However, when I release and the membrane goes back to the previous position it does not work. Maybe I could try with a little bit of that conductive silver paste... huum... another option would be to try with a pencil eraser in the silver, just in case is a layer of oxide and the track is fine.

P.D: at the end, instead of with a pencil eraser I just tried "sanding" very carefully the connectors to the motherboard with toothpaste and it did the trick, it works well now, although I am ordering a new membrane, because this is not going to last  :-X . I will try to repair this one with conductive paste, though.

I was gonna say, treat the contacts, It's not just Amstrads, lots of computers are terrible for this...

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Yup, but it did not last, as expected. I will try tomorrow with some conductive silver paint. Maybe I will be able to repair it while I wait for the replacement...  :-X

I have heard that in some weather conditions, the classic CPC connector for the membrane works better than the Plus one (cost reduction went a bit too far there it seems). So maybe replace the connectors on the motherboard with ones from a classic CPC, or a new replacement if someone has a reference?

I already fixed some similar issue by cutting 0.5mm at the end of membrane, cleaned the connector as well with a "special contact" product.


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