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Prodatrons' first three demos on CPC, written in the first monthes of 1992: 21.Century Demo (5 parts, software-effects), Advanced Demo (2 parts, rasterbars) and Alpha Demo (5 parts, overscan). All code and most graphics have been done by Prodatron. The sounds came from different games.


Screen shots


21.Century Demo

  • Intro: The Intro of the 21.Century Demo. It contains a starscroller and a ghostwriter. The raytracing-graphics was taken from OCP Art Studio.
  • The Main-Part of the 21. Century Demo consists of a scroller, stars and colour-cycling.
  • Kiss Me Baby: The picture cames from a Marco Vieth diashow (later he coded the world's first CPC-emulator on PC!).
  • Amiga Workbench (Prodatrons' neverending dream): This part shows the Amiga-Workbench on the CPC. Cool music.
  • For the end part Prodatron coded his first horizontal scroller (software). It lists the credits. The sound was a very great one from a Fefesse demo.

Advanced Demo

  • The only good part of Advanced Demo. It contains some rasterbars. The sound comes from the Atari ST version of Cybernoid.

Alpha Demo

  • Intro: The first part of Alpha-Demo wasn't a real overscan-part, because the mountains where mirrored by the CRTC. Music fits very good.
  • Overscan: Contains a scroller, a ghostwriter and colour-cycling.
  • Guest part: This was Leather Rebel's guestpart. He wrote something about the CPC-Fastloader, which was at first a paper-fanzine.
  • Moving scroller: The best part in Alpha Demo. Contains a splitt-raster-equalizer, a moving scroller, a jumping sprite and some color-cycling.
  • End part: The endpart for the credits.

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