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Fefesse Team in 90's with Stephane St Martin , Fefesse, ??
Fefesse (Fabien Fessard) was a talented coder who has contributed to the CPC scene. He was born on the 18/01/1972 and died on the 16/01/2006, aged 33.

Rest In Peace Fabien


His pseudonym sounds as a little French joke (e.g. fesse means 'butt' in french), and it was a way to say that all demos were not really serious for him. Gfx of Fabien's productions were created by Stéphane Saint-Martin. They brought together many demos in the CPC scene of the 1990s.

After demos, Fabien began to make games and he succeeded greatly in this way. He released the famous Xyphoes Fantasy game, edited by Silmarils, to the CPC world, which used a lot of hardware techniques (overscan, hardware scroll, offset split, raster). Xyphoes Fantasy is often considered to Amstrad CPC as what Shadow of the Beast is to Amiga.

After that, Fabien left Vendôme for Paris and has integrated the Cryo company. He developed some games on consoles (like TimeCop for SNES and some others on PS1).

During these years, he was imagining a new revolutionary game with a full universe in 3D. So he left Cryo to collaborate for the creation of Quantic Dream company with this new conceptual game for PS/PC platform called Omikron: The Nomad Soul (PS version was discontinued and replaced with a Dreamcast version), published by Eidos. After more than two years of late, this game was finally named The Nomad Soul with a music partly composed by David Bowie. Even with this late, the game was astonishing.

The game experience was not conclusive for him because his experience with Quantic was very negative.

So he quit QD and worked for Infogrames Paris, where he was the main coder of Tintin on the Playstation 1.

When Infogrames Paris closed, he finally left the game world for other domains. Some experience in a service company for PSA (car company) and finally a little company specialised in multimedia application on cellular telephons (Symbian system) where he was really integrated and appreciated for his good work.

Fabien was passionated with travelling around the world and discovering new countries. He was involving a new passion with the photography. He was also playing in a little theatrical troup.