Xyphoes Fantasy

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Xyphoes Fantasy is a late game (1991) by Silmarils.

It is an arcade adventure in the vein of Shadow of the Beast.

Technically it is a very impressive game, featuring a long digi tune, overscan screens (even in-game!!!), big sprites with smooth animation, good scrolling and four, rather long levels.

All this comes in two disks and requires a 128k machine.

What's more, gameplay is not bad either, so it's a highly-recommended CPC game.

In the land of Norem, an army of warriors called the Skulls have caused a magician to lose all of his powers.

He has chosen you to trek across Norem and clear it of the Skulls and their evil leader, Kan.

There are four levels a mixture of shoot'em-up action, and one-on-one sword fighting against two of Kan's finest warriors.

Despite being one of the best CPC technical show, this game does have some flaws :

  • the player's Sprite moves like a Star ballet dancer.
  • Not such a great playability.


Title: Xyphoes Fantasy
Company: Silmarils
Type: Arcade
Year: 1991