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720° front cover
Release 1987
Publisher U.S. Gold
Developer Tiertex
Programmer Unknown
Musician Unknown
Artist Unknown
Genre Sports (Skating)
Players 1
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Language Language:english
Media disk Cassette
Compatability 464, 664, 6128 & Plus
Magazine Reviews * AA 028 - 69%
* CWTA 038 - 88%
Information * Appeared on disk 2, side A of the compilation Giants

720° is a conversion of the skateboarding coin-op from Atari, published by U.S. Gold.

Inlay Text

THE GAME The player controls a skateboarder. The object of the game is to perform stunts accumulating points for which skate park tickets are obtained. In the parks you compete to gain medals and cash. Cash may be used to purchase better equipment(e.g. boards, shoes, pads, protective helmets) which improves the performance of the player.

Select keyboard or joystick and then press key 1 for three credits. You can then skate around "Skate City" visiting the four shops and four parks. There are four parks in "Skate City" each of which may be visited only once on each level of the game. The parks are Downhill, Jump, Ramp and Slalom.

The locations of these are indicated on a map which appears on the screen if you pass over a "map" square. Activating the joystick continues the game, these are pointed to by "D" markers - Downhill, "J"-Jump, "R" - Ramp, "S" - Slalom.

Tickets are used as the parks are visited (under the T on the screen). Extra tickets are awarded at 5,000, 15,000, 25,000, 35,000 etc. points. Medals are awarded for good performance in the parks, with cash prizes and bonus points.

After visiting each park a status sheet is displayed indicating medals awarded. High score and remaining credits also. When in the vicinity of a shop an icon to the right of the screen flashes alternately with the price. These icons represent helmets, shoes, skateboard and pads. The level of equipment is indicated alongside the appropriate icon. Approaching the counter at the correct place either results in a "SALE" or "NO SALE" message.

Bonus points are awarded for remaining cash at the end of the game.
If the player does not enter a park within the time limit displayed on the bar timer, he is pursued by killer bees. These become more dangerous if the player does not enter a park quickly, transforming into various objects. Extra points may be gained by passing over certain hidden locations.

Dollar bills on the road may be collected. The player should avoid contact with other characters appearing on the screen.

KEYBOARD CONTROLS Q - Turn anticlockwise; W - Turn clockwise; J - Jump; K - Kick; L - Stop. Rotation keys Q and W are used to select the direction. Pressing K will cause the player to turn off. P - Pause; C - Screen colour; X - Exit Skate City to start.


720°.png 720° 1.png 720° 2.png 720° 3.png

Cheat Mode


8027,00 - Infinite Lives 9528,00 - Infinite Credits 80B8,00 - Infinite Tickets




U.S. Gold Release
720° (US Gold).jpg

Erbe Release
720° (Erbe).jpg

Kixx Release
720° (Kixx).jpg


720° (E).jpg

720° (S).jpg



720° 2.jpg

Media Scan

U.S. Gold Disk
720° (US Gold - D7).jpg

U.S. Gold Tape
720° (US Gold - K7).jpg

Kixx Tape
720° (Kixx - K7).jpg


Amstrad Action 28 - Jan 1988
720° (AA).jpg

Computing With the Amstrad 38 - Feb 1988
720° (CWTA).jpg


Menu Music

Original Coin-Op Soundtrack (Given away as the B-Side to the original U.S. Gold Release)

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