AMSTRADS and Artificial Intelligence

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Book overview:

This is intended as a companion to another of our highly successful books on artificial intelligence Build Your Own Expert System. In this new book, Patrick Hall surveys the broad field of contemporary artificial intelligence - the underlying theories, practical applications in industry and commerce, and working examples that are ready to run on the Amstrad CPC series of computers (and,with minor changes most popular micros).

Topics Covered Include

  • Creative writing of prose and verse
  • Natural language translation
  • Knowledge representation
  • Expert systems and knowledge engineering
  • Game Playing
  • Computer vision Robots and learning


Title: Amstrads and Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Patrick Hall
Publisher: Sigma Press
Year: 1986
Pages: 198
ISBN: 1-85058-038-3


  1. In the beginning: the history of artificial intelligence
  2. Planned spontaneity: computer creativity
  3. Common parlance: understanding natural language
  4. The last analysis: Knowledge representation and semantics
  5. Expert assistance: knowledge engineering
  6. Playing the game: heuristic strategies
  7. The wood for the trees: computer vision
  8. The light of experience: robots & learning programs
  9. Machine mentality: philosophical issues
  10. An A.I. crib sheet: concepts, names & programs