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AMSprite - Amstrad CPC Sprite and Loading Screen Editor


AMSprite main editor


If you're writing a game for the CPC this cross-development GUI tool will allow you to generate ready-to-use sprites and loading screens for the CPC in assembly language.

This software is free and open source. It is very much work in progress, so if it breaks or is confusing, let me know!


  • Edit in Mode 0, 1, or 2.
  • View sprite animation preview at any frame rate
  • Edit hardware sprites for CPCPlus, with custom palette
  • Export to MAXAM/WinApe ready assembler
  • Select palette from authentic Amstrad set of 27
  • Import any image file and convert to amstrad sprite or loading screen
  • Import any video file and generate an assembly program to replicate on the CPC
  • Export a blank image with indexed amstrad palette for editing in external paint program. Can be reimported.
  • Includes a full test program to see your sprites in action on the CPC.
  • Includes a basic level editor
  • Includes a basic sound effects / music tracker.
  • Cross Platform, run under Windows or Mac/Linux via MONO runtime.


Download Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Installer here:  AMSprite_setup.rar 1.4 (Requires .Net Framework 2.0)

Download Windows/Linux/Mac MONO Assemblies here : AMSprite_mono.rar 1.3 (Requires MONO 2.4 runtime minimum). NOTE I have tested the program under MONO and most features seem to work OK but you may experience bugs... You should have libmono-microsoft-visualbasic8.0-cil installed too.

The source code is stored in a Subversion repository here, and is publicly available (read only). I recommend TortoiseSVN as a simple Windows based Subversion client. You will need VS2008 Pro or the free Express edition of Visual Basic .Net 2008 to make changes. If you make any changes, send me a diff and I will integrate.

Work in Progress

What's New

Version 1.4 31-Dec-09
  • Included option to output mirrored sprites.
  • Outputs hardware sprites in compressed format.
  • Supports video import under 64-bit OS.
Version 1.3 15-Jul-09
  • Added support for Hardware Sprites (CPC Plus)
Version 1.2 26-May-09
  • Functional (just) tracker and SFX tracker.
  • Core functionality now fully working under MONO runtime.
Version 1.1 30-Apr-09 
  • Level Editor
  • Video Import and convert utility
  • Animation preview
  • Windows binary -> CPC assembly tool
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Edit in Mode 2/Spectrum monochrome


You can contact me at lachlankeown @t gmail

Lachlan Keown

New Zealand