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Retro Game Asset Studio



This application allows the creation of various asset types (graphics, sound/music, levels) for retro game platforms (currently Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64). It is a cross development tool in that it will run on a PC and produce output to be consumed by a compiler (such as WinAPE for the PC or MAXAM on the CPC).

It is free and open source. It is also a work in progress so some features may be incomplete and/or buggy.

This application is an evolution of the AMSprite program, which will no longer be developed as all its features have been moved to RGAS.


  • Uses a common editor for all target platforms.
  • View sprite animation preview at any frame rate
  • Edit hardware sprites for CPCPlus, with custom palette
  • Export to multiple languages per platform. (e.g. 3 targets are supported for CPC: MAXAM assembler, C, and Basic).
  • Import any image file and convert to bitmap with fine control over brightness, contrast and dithering. Includes palette optimisation.
  • Import any video file and generate an assembly program to replicate (CPC only).
  • Export a blank image with indexed amstrad palette for editing in external paint program. Can be reimported.
  • Includes a full test program to see your sprites in action (CPC only).
  • Includes a basic level editor
  • Includes a basic sound effects / music tracker (CPC only).
  • Cross Platform, run under Windows or Mac/Linux via MONO runtime (excludes video import for CPC).
  • Runs under Windows RT with jailbreak applied.
  • Edit multiple sprites simultaneously in a grid (custom grid columns, any combination of sprites).
  • Onion skinning in sprite editor of either other sprites or any image file.
  • Editor supports standard bitmap editing conventions such as Ctrl+Mouse wheel for zoom etc.
  • Handles attribute blocks for Spectrum/C64 bitmaps.
  • Sprite rotation.


The most recent release of RGAS is included with the CPCTelera development suite which can be downloaded here.

Mono/Wine/Windows standalone portable executable: 1.2.5 released 29/Jan/17 (Requires .Net Framework 4.0)


If you have any bugs or feedback, or you'd like to contribute (and know .Net reasonably well), please contact me, lachlankeown @t gmail or Facebook.

CPC Wiki forum discussion here.