Aleste 520EX

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Aleste 520EX - a CPC clone housed in a case with MSX keyboard

The Aleste 520EX is a clone of the Amstrad CPC 6128 developed 1993 by Patisonic in Omsk (Siberia). The Aleste is rare, according to Patisonic themselves, they "produced several dozens of the model, some of them were in 'kit' form".

In addition to the standard CPC6128 features, it includes a number of extra features: 64-color palette, double color depth in slightly decreased horizontal resolution mode (eg. 16 color at 256x200 resolution), battery-backed Real Time Clock chip, 512Kbyte RAM (of which 192K can be accessed as on 64K CPC with 128K dk'tronics memory expansion), 8bit printer port, expanded keyboard matrix with 10 additional keys, two software controlled LEDs, extended Expansion Port (with additional pins for DMA support).



The above photos are showing a more or less fully assembled Aleste (the LEDs are missing, and, more important, there is no connection for an internal or external power supply attached to the mainboard - unless the owner used the Expansion Port connector to inject power supply voltages).

This version has 7pin+7pin sockets for printer (normal would be 5pin+7pin, though the extra pins are most probably left unused).

A sound card for the Aleste.