Amstrad Action April 1987 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the April 1987 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Printer Typefaces (Gordon Yacomine)
  • Dotty (Tommy Daffin)
  • Hangman (Darren Clarke)
  • Chimes (Dave Thomas)
  • Rectangle (A. Knife)
  • Patterns Mk II (David Brown) - requires BASIC 1.1
  • Character Definer (James Cadwallader)
  • 3D Shape Rotator (Simon Watson)

Problem Attic

  • Loading without running - loads a binary file to any address in memory
  • Azerty please - sets up a routine to allow CP/M to use the AZERTY keyboard layout

Hot Tips

  • Redirect (Stephen Gennard)
  • Weird (Adrian Sill)
  • Please do not feed the lines (M. Burke) - prevents two line feeds being sent to the printer
  • Electronic fiddling - slows down the disc access rate to allow 5¼″ drives to be used

The "Please do not feed the lines" listing is set up to work on CPC6128 machines. Instructions are provided within the REM statements of the listing to set it up for CPC464 and CPC664 machines.


Character Definer contains a minor bug. After selecting a character to edit, there are several options that can be selected by pressing a key. The user is supposed to press the C key to continue, but the program only accepts it in lower case. All of the other options are accepted in either upper or lower case.

Redirect does not work properly on CPC464 machines.