Amstrad Action December 1986 Type-Ins

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The December 1986 issue of Amstrad Action saw some changes. From this issue, the Type-Ins section was expanded to five pages, allowing many more type-ins to be published in each issue. A new typesetting process was also used in order to make them easier for users to enter correctly.

A new section called Hot Tips was also included from this issue onwards, in which readers could send in their own hints on how to get the most out of the CPC. Many readers submitted short listings to this section, but unlike the Type-Ins section, only some of the listings are named. Where listings are not named, the title of the heading under which the listing appears is used instead.

The following listings were published in the December 1986 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Sound Digitizer (Richard Monteiro)
  • Motor Control (Alex Aird)
  • Kaleidoscope (Alex Gough)
  • Patterns (P. P. Tunstall)
  • Hypnotic (Simon Tully)
  • Spiralu and Spirald (B. A. Knight) - Spirald is very similar to Spiralu, but some lines have been altered
  • Stained Glass (Alastair Scott) - requires BASIC 1.1, as it uses the FILL command (Amstrad Action remembered to mention this fact this time!)
  • Double Height (Leighton Derrick and Richard Montiero) - Leighton Derrick's version is written entirely in BASIC, and Richard Monteiro's version uses machine code

Hot Tips

  • Sorting colours on the Grafpad (Mick Ellick) - loads a screen created with the Grafpad using the correct colours
  • Dazzling border (author unknown - possibly J. Andrews?)
  • Blast the bankman (J. Andrews) - a routine to incorporate the CP/M Bank Manager into your own program
  • Printer dump for Screen Designer (Peter Walklett) - loads a screen created with Screen Designer and dumps it to the printer using Tascopy