Amstrad Action July 1987 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the July 1987 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Weekday (Gary Nugent)
  • Fancy Text Generator (Richard Turner)
  • Sine-wave Writing (Andrew Perry and Andrew Crawford)
  • Random Lines (Dak Long Lau)
  • Megadump (Pat McDonald)
  • Zycloid (J. Smeets)
  • Neutron Maze (Tommy Daffin)

Problem Attic

  • Reading the screen - reads a character from the screen, like the COPYCHR$ command in BASIC 1.1

Hot Tips

  • Hyperweird (Haden Jackson-Robbins)
  • Banking from Basic (Alex Aird) - using a firmware CALL on the CPC6128 to access its additional memory banks
  • Prime numbers (David Pollard) - consists of two listings – one to generate prime numbers, and another to find them

The "Prime generator" listing takes 165 minutes to generate the first 7,500 prime numbers in BASIC 1.1, and longer still – 174 minutes – in BASIC 1.0. The author claimed in his letter to Amstrad Action that "it takes just under half an hour to run".


The version of Weekday that is modified for the change to the Gregorian calendar in England contains a minor bug; the day of the week for 14th September 1752, the day after the Gregorian calendar was introduced in England, is not calculated correctly.

Fancy Text Generator lacks a MEMORY command, so the program could easily be overwritten and stop working or crash.