Amstrad PDA 600

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The Amstrad PDA600 (PenPad)

Also called the PenPad

  • CPU: Z180 (Z80-compatible) running at 14.3 MHz plus two Z8 for power management and character recognition
  • Memory: 128KB RAM plus 32KB for recognizer and 32KB for display, 32KB ROM
  • Screen: 240×320 pixels, black and white touch-sensitive screen without backlight
  • Input: Pen on touch-sensitive screen
  • Operating system: Proprietary OS developed by Eden Group
  • Applications: World clock, Diary, Tasks, Address book, Notes, Calculator, Conversion, Search
  • Synchronisation software: Eden Windows Synchronizer available separately
  • Connectivity: Serial port (RS232) for PC information interchange. A PCMICA slot was used for memory expansion.
  • Power source: Three AA batteries and one lithium CR2032 battery for backup power. Running time stated on the box: 40 hours. In practice users have reported only 12 hours.
  • Size (HxWxD): 160×115×27mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Released: 1993. Price when new: €400.


How to program

The Stickyness Syndrome



Manuals and Documentation

PDA600 Software Developers Manual

PDA600 Users Manual

PDA600 ROM Disassembly





PDA600 PCB front.png


PDA600 PCB back.png


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