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A introduction to the Amstrad CPC464


Title: Amstrad Computing
Authors: Ian Sinclair
Publisher: Granada Publishing
Publisher: Collins
Year: 1984
Pages: 208
ISBN: 0-246-12665-5 ( on Granada Publishing )
ISBN: 0-00-383120-5 ( on Collins )



01. Setting up the CPC464.
02. Putting It All On The Screen.
03. A Few Variations.
04. Repeating Yourself.
05. String and Other Things.
06. Menus, Subroutines and Programs.
07. Cassette Data Filing.
08. Windows and Other Effects.
09. Starting Graphics.
10. Guide to Greater Graphics.
11. Sounding Out the CPC464.

Appendix A: Editing.
Appendix B: Printing.
Appendix C: KEY Antics.
Appendix D: Error Trapping.