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Bears! is a maze/adventure/RPG released by SOHDE.



You can download the manual in .pdf format from the SOHDE website (see links)


You can download the .cpr file from the SOHDE website (see links)

Scenario: You are a plucky young bear living in the forest surrounding Grizzly Manor. Something is afoot, Lady Grumpleton, resident of Grizzly Manor, hasn't been seen for days. It's up to you to set out from your cave and investigate!

Implementation details and use of Plus hardware

  • Mode 0 is used for display and HUD
  • Plus palette is used
  • Plus raster interrupt is used
  • Plus sprites are used for the character, NPCs, monsters and menu pointer
  • Plus split screen is used for HUD. HUD is triple-buffered for smooth transfer of text blocks / HUD graphics.
  • Plus hardware scroll is not used. Left column is masked though to reduce screen size.
  • Plus DMA is used for music, sfx and samples
  • Initial screen is overscan 50 x 34 characters