Burnin' Rubber

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Burnin' Rubber is the game that was included with every Plus and GX4000 on a cartridge, in a bid to showcase the Plus machine's new hardware abilities.

Therefore it was quite popular, although it did not really show off the Plus capabilities, being an early title and all.

Despite that, it wasn't a bad game on its own and is considered one of the good racing games on the Amstrad.


Title: Burning Rubber ( Cartridge )
Company: Ocean
Type: Racing
Year: 1990


4 Versions of cartridges including this game exist.

  • Spanish ROM with Burnin' Rubber (Blue) (EPROM: 130Z001 41091-1)
  • French ROM with Burnin' Rubber (Green) (EPROM: 130Z001 41090-1)
  • English ROM with Burnin' Rubber (Yellow) (EPROM: --unknown--)
  • GX4000 version without BASIC (Red) (EPROM: 130Z001 41088-1)

Implementation details and use of Plus hardware

  • Mode 0 and 1 are used for menu screen (Mode 1 for text, Mode 0 for upper)
  • Mode 0 is used for high score table
  • Mode 0 is used for game
  • Plus palette is used throughout
  • Plus sprites are used for B and R of Burnin' Rubber logo, for the player's car, and for the shadow under the car.
  • Plus raster interrupts are used in the main menu
  • Plus screen split is used.
  • Plus soft hardware scroll is not used.
  • DMA sound is used for sound effects.




[AMSTRAD GX4000] Burnin' Rubber (Gameplay Run-through) (by Xyphoe) {{#ev:youtube|MixXYnw58KA|340}}
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