CEUS Desktop 2.0

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Screenshot of the CEUS 2.0 desktop

CEUS Desktop 2.0 ("CPC Extended User System") is a graphical user interface realized as a RSX extension for BASIC. It is based on the CEUS project of the PC Amstrad International (from issue 3/90 to 8-9/90) by Jörg Schwieder. It has been rewritten, improved and extended by Prodatron and includes some powerful mouse pointer routines by Günter Radestock.


  • 128K support
  • Up to 8 overlapping and moveable windows
  • Windows can be minimized (hidden)
  • Support for clickbox and icon controls
  • Alert popup boxes
  • Pulldown menus with 2 levels
  • Time and memory management commands
  • Event based session command, which controls a complete user session inside the GUI

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