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CNGSoft (César Nicolás González) is the Spanish programmer who has been writing and releasing versions of the emulator CPCE since August 1st 1997.

His other especially notable project is BB4CPC[1], an enhanced remake of Bubble Bobble for the CPC. The system already had a CPC version released during its official heyday, but many players felt that it was not as good a port as it could have been; CNGSoft, being a big fan of the Bubble Bobble/Rainbow Islands franchise, wanted to release a version that took more advantage of the Amstrad's hardware and provided the best experience possible.

He has made a very interesting tool for the CPC, LZ2PACKER, a self-extracting archive, as seen in the binary JSW2. The compression method is based on Demoniak's packer and fully compatible with it.

His most quoted excusatio non petita is "English isn't my first language, I apologize for using it so poorly."