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CPCE 1.94 running inside DOSBox

CPCE is a freeware Amstrad CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and Win32 platforms programmed in 100% assembly language (I286 for DOS and I386 for DPMI and Win32) by CNGSoft. It's intended to be small but rich and fast but powerful, and features reasonably accurate emulation of standard CPC hardware (Z80 CPU, ROM and RAM, video and audio output, tape deck and disk drives) and expansions (2112 K RAM and 528 K ROM, printer, Dr.Zed's Symbiface 2, Gunstick), support of digital tape formats (WAV, VOC, CSW, TZX and CDT), rasters, many video effects, digital speech, integrated debugger, internal ZIP file handling, drag and drop, game recording and replaying, netplay, YMP (YM music player), CPC to PC (and viceversa) file transfer tools, etc.

The latest CPCE version is 1.94, released on October 10th 2010, with big changes in the tape engine and autorun function, as well as bugfixes and optional support for RAR archives.

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