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This lower ROM allows the autostart of FutureOS. It can be used in the LowerROM card created by Bryce.


The CPC FutureOS lower ROM allows the autostart of FutureOS as soon as the CPC6128 / 6128 Plus computer is switched on. The ROM itself contains only a character set between &3800 and &3FFF and a couple of opcodes which page in ROM &0A = 10 (this is the ROM number at which FutureOS ROM A is usually located. Here it's a prerequisite) and jump to FutureOS ROM A. The native CPC-OS will not be used at all, therefore the start up is even more quick. In addition there is no need to have a BASIC ROM in the system, the extra 16 KB can be used for applications f.e.

This lower ROM replacement proves that FutureOS does only need a character set at &3800 and nothing else to be able to work. All other CPC OS do need much more parts of the native CPC-OS.

How to use?

For the usage of this lower ROM version you can use devices like the LowerROM, developed by Bryce.


The new FutureOS lower ROM can be downloaded directly here:

- Media:LowerROM 4 FutureOS.rom


  • Download it at [http://www.FutureOS.de]. Go to the Download section. There it's part of the installation archive. Latest Release date was 2012-03-21.