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Caprice Reloaded is a C++ rewrite of CaPriCe. The goal is to create an emulator that is more accurate, improve the Unix port and add tools for helping cross-development.

The emulator is still far from finished, but already includes :

* Friendly GUI with menus for easy configuration (using the wxWidgets toolkit)
* CRTC0 emulation (100% accurate), CRTC1 mulation (unfinished)
* Integrated assembler (using SJasmPlus)
* Integrated debugger with breakpoints
* Integrated memory explorer and disassembler

There are also a lot of small fixes, for example Orion Prime runs properly while it is not working on the original CaPriCe.

Homepage : [1]

Caprice Reloaded is written by CloudStrife, PulkoMandy, Krusty and Ramlaid.