Cauldron II

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Cauldron II
Titlescreen of the game
Developer Unknown
Company Palace Software
Publisher Silverbird
Musician Unknown
Release 1986
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Platform
Game Modes Unknown
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english
Information Unknown

Plot (Poem actually)

Where once the tiny cottage stood,

a mighty palace dwarfs the wood,

And there within the highest tower,

the witch queen wields her might power,

A rule of evil across the land,

with ghosts and gargoyles close at hand,

Her enemies destroyed this night,

yet one remains to set things right,

A pumpkin warrior, brave and good,

the last survivor from the wood,

So now go swiftly, climb the stair,

and cut a lock of the witches hair,

Seek out then, the cauldron black,

and brew a spell to change things back.

Then the hag will know defeat

and thy revenge will be complete.



Game Map