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ChaRleyTraCker was a functioning but incomplete, and officially unreleased, soundtracker by ChaRleyTroniC.

The program was feature- and file-compatible with Soundtrakker by BSC, but was intended to be distributed as public domain.

(The background to this was similar to the Protracker vs Digitracker controversy, after some disagreements about the distribution of Soundtrakker by Sentinel Software in the UK.)

Among the extra features over and above Soundtrakker were:

  • Decompile feature (convert compiled .BIN files back into .SNGs)
  • Multiple compile (compile several .SNGs into one .BIN)
  • More intuitive sequence editor
  • More intuitive 'repeating section' display on instrument editors
  • Better API for compiled tunes (including sound effects and a directly readable 'volume meter')

The program was used to create and compile the music for all four issues of BTL.

However, some sections remained unwritten, and an attempted redesign to achieve a more logical screen layout was never completed.

The program was hence never officially released, though some early versions circulated.