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Chronos by Mastertronic

Chronos is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Chronos
Company: Mastertronic
Written by: S & J Tatlock
Type: Scrolling shoot 'em up
Year: 1987


A horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up in which you need to blast your way through 6 increasingly difficult levels of gameplay infested with every imaginable type of 'nasty' and several unimaginable types as well, to rescue the incarcerated "Chronos" who have been trapped in a different time dimension by the 'Mystical Dimension Weavers'.

Game Play

A sideways scrolling shoot 'em up where you need to avoid nasties such as flying objects, lasers etc and of course solid walls. Requires quick trigger and reflexes to duck and weave through parts of a maze at times. Unlimited ammo is handy as there is plenty to shoot. You can move uop and down, as well as forward and backward in order to pull off some moves to save your skin. Aim of the game is to stay alive until the end (6 Levels). This game was a Spectrum port.


Cassette Inlay