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General Info

Colin Hogg was a games programmer during the 8-bit era during the 1980's (ZX81, Dragon 32 and Amstrad mainly) and well into the late 2000's on more modern platforms.

On the Amstrad he was responsible for these titles (along with David Rogers):

and these titles with Mike Davies at Software Projects:

Other information

Previous to the Amstrad stuff Dave Rogers and Colin worked on:

Compac - ZX81

Hi Rise Hive - ZX81

Bug Burst - ZX81

Pinbat - ZX81

Flee - Dragon 32

He also founded The Code Monkeys Pty Ltd which closed it's doors in 2011:

“In the Company’s 23rd birthday (1st February 2011), the Directors/Shareholders of The Code Monkeys voted to cease trading. It would’ve been nice to make the quarter century, but alas…” Many thanks to all who have walked thru our doors over the years (sorry if I've missed anyone off the list).

The post lists an impressive roll call of local development talent, as well as thanking an amazingly broad range of publishers the team worked with over the years, including Apple, Disney, Konami, Nintendo, Rockstar, and Ubisoft.

The Code Monkeys has focussed almost exclusively on iDevice development in recent years, with occasional forays into downloadable titles for Wii, PSP and PlayStation 3, but its history began in 1988 with the pre-Spectrum ZX81.

Practically every platform in between was graced by the independent developer’s output.

It's been a wonderful adventure, Colin.H, Mark.K, Janet.S...

The Epitaph published on their website Feb 01 2011