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Con-Quest by Mastertronic

Con-Quest is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Con-Quest
Company: Mastertronic
Written by: Derek Brewster
Type: Arcade / Maze
Year: 1986


Oscar has to find his way around the castle with the ultimate aim of killing the demon Grell. His minions are scattered around the castle and will try to get in your way. You will need to locate some special objects in order to kill grell. Objects can be examined and you can learn how to cast spells. Good luck!

Game Play

An isometric 3D wonderland - you can move through various doors to new rooms - lots of rooms to explore. Various nasties floating around (especially the snake). All can be killed though with the appropriate weapons. Some objects are used to open doors, move through fireplaces and get items from vending machines. Lots of puzzles and mayhem. Keep track of where you are going as it is easy to get lost in this huge maze.




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