Connector:Aux socket (CPC Plus only)

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Aux Socket (6 pin RJ-11 type, Western???) (CPC Plus and GX 4000 only)

This port combines the expansion port's LPEN signal and the joystick ports Fire signals. Invented to make it easier to connect a light gun (especially since the GX 4000 doesn't have an expansion port). Used for the Trojan Light Phazer.

 1  +5V
 2  /Joystick1 ???
 3  Light Pen (Trojan Light Phazer: Light sensor)
 4  /Fire 2   (Trojan Light Phazer: Trigger button)
 5  /Fire 1   (Trojan Light Phazer: Not used) (could be menu/mode button)
 6  Ground

Pin 1 is the leftmost, and Pin 6 is the rightmost pin.