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Amstrad CPC Monitor port pinout

Cpc monitor pinout.jpg
Pin No. Signal Name Description
1 R Red analogue signal
2 G Green analogue signal
3 B Blue analogue signal
4 Sync RGB switching control
5 GND Common
6 LUM Luminance

This covers the CPC's RGB signal through the 6 pin DIN socket.

Amstrad PLUS Monitor port pinout

Plus monitor pinout.jpg
Pin No. Signal Name Description
1 Sync RGB switching control
2 G Green analogue signal
3 LUM Luminance
4 R Red analogue signal
5 B Blue analogue signal
6 L Left audio signal
7 R Right audio signal
8 GND Common

This covers the PLUS's RGB signal through the 8 pin DIN socket, that also includes stereo audio output.

As indicated in the Service Manual, the connector used is a CSK150-81-30-244, a circular "DIN" style connector in 8-pin "U" shape configuration.

Aleste Video

The Aleste 520EX has a 7pin DIN female connector

 1      SYNC                 __ __
 2      GND                 /  -  \
 3      R                  |7     6|
 4      B                  |3     1|
 5      G                   \5_2_4/
 6      SOUND (mono)
 7      LUM
 Shield GND

GX4000 and KC Compact SCART Video Connector

The GX4000 and KC Compact have a standard Scart connector

 Pin   KC Compact         GX 4000         Scart Standard
 1     Audio-Out R        Audio-Out R     Audio-Out R
 2     NC                 NC              Audio-In R
 3     Audio-Out L        Audio-Out L     Audio-Out L
 4     GND                GND             Audio GND
 5     GND                GND             RGB-GND Blue
 6     NC                 NC              Audio-In L
 7     RGB-Out Blue       RGB-Out Blue    RGB-Out Blue
 8     +12V (Aux)         +10V (Aux)      Mode (9.5-12V=Aux Input, 5-8V=Widescreen,  0-2V=Normal TV)
 9     GND                GND             RGB-GND Green
 10    NC                 NC              Data Clock
 11    RGB-Out Green      RGB-Out Green   RGB-Out Green
 12    NC                 NC              Data Out
 13    GND                GND             RGB-GND Red
 14    GND                NC              Data GND
 15    RGB-Out Red        RGB-Out Red     RGB-Out Red
 16    +1V (RGB Mode)     +5V (!!!)       Mode (1-3V=RGB, 0V=Composite)
 17    GND                GND             Composite GND
 18    GND                GND             Mode GND
 19    Composite/FBAS-Out Composite/Sync  Composite Out (and RGB-Out Sync)
 20    NC                 NC              Composite In
 21    Shield             Shield (GND)    Shield
  • KC Compact Note: Aside from the above RGB/FBAS signal, the KC Compact additionally contains a UHF modulator (with PAL encoded colors & with Mono sound) (for whatever reason, PAL encoding is used, despite of SECAM being the East-German television standard)
  • GX 4000 Note: The GX 4000 additionally has PAL modulator with TV output, too. However, there is none such in the French GX4000 (which would require a SECAM modulator), the french GX4000 outputs plain RGB. In french GX4000, scart Pin19 carries only Sync (unlike the PAL versions which have Composite+Sync on that pin).