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CPC Stereo

Stereo Sound Connector (3.5mm, female)

 1  Left   (the contact at the tip of the plug)
 2  Right  (the middle contact)
 3  Ground (the contact at the cable-end of the plug)

Note: The CPC+ additionally has stereo sound output on the Monitor connector.

KC Compact Stereo

KC Compact uses a 5pin DIN connector

 1      Left (A+B)           __ __
 2      GND                 /  -  \
 3      NC                 |       |
 4      Right (C+B)        |3     1|
 5      NC                  \5_2_4/
 Shield GND
  • Aside from the above DIN connector, the KC compact additionally outputs Stereo on the Scart connector, and Mono on the Tape connector, and Mono on the UHF modulated video signal.
  • Unlike the CPC, the KC Compact does NOT include an internal speaker.

Aleste Tape/Sound Connector (female)

Aleste 520EX uses a 5pin female DIN connector

 1      Tape In              __ __
 2      GND                 /  -  \
 3      Sound Mono-Left    |       |
 4      Tape Out           |3     1|
 5      Sould Mono-Right    \5_2_4/
 Shield GND
  • The Left/Right pins are actually shortcut with each other on the Aleste mainboard, so sound is mono. The mono sound is also output on the Aleste's Monitor connector.
  • There is no Tape Motor Control (the corresponding PIO bit is mis-used as Printer Strobe in the Aleste).