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Cyber Huhn / Cyber Chicken is a commercial game for the Schneider / Amstrad computer range. Its development took place between November 2011 and December 2013. A Tape version (2.12.2013) and a Disc version (16.12.2013) was released. The game is limited to 111 physical copies, everyone with an unique serial number. In this game you have to defend planet earth against Cyber Chicken from outer space (please read the exciting and detailed story in the manual).


  • Full 360 degree pixel precise scrolling (usage of mouse encouraged)
  • Four levels (64 KB version) or eight levels (128 KB version)
  • Real 3D engine
  • Up to 64 sprites on screen
  • Nine different songs (music and sound effects can be switched on or off)
  • Support of the PlayCity
  • Four color sets, 256 * 256 Pixel resolution, Mode 1, double buffering
  • Up to 50 fps (128 KB version)
  • Chickens are shown in five perspectives, every perspective has four phases
  • Kamikaze Chicken are shown in three perspectives, four phases each
  • Two different weapon systems
  • High score list (can be saved on disc)
  • Supports keyboard, joystick, AMX mouse and SF2 mouse
  • Background story


  • Joystick, Fire 1 (Shoot), Fire 2 (switch weapon)
  • Joystick compatible mice, button 1 (Shoot), button 2 (switch weapon)
  • SF 2 mouse, left button (Shoot), right button (switch weapon)
  • Cursor keys, Copy (Shoot), little Enter (switch weapon)
  • Trackball, Fire 1 (Shoot), Fire 2 (switch weapon)

The Team


  • ROM (all CPCs)
  • CPC464/472, on tape
  • CPC464/472/664, on disc
  • 6128 and 6128 Plus, on disc, needs 128 KB
  • CPC6128 and 6128 Plus, on disc for FutureOS, need 128 KB. This version was released for free.

The versions for 128 KB machines contain additional features.

The 111 (+4) physical boxes were sold (disc or tape) out.


Cyber Chicken is:

  • the first commercial production using the CTC-AY
  • the first game with 360 degree pixel precise scrolling
  • using the most sprites at a time
  • the only game in the 21 century which was released for CPC and PC



Official Homepage:

This WIP preview version was released for the 16 KB ROM compo in the end of June 2013:

And this is the version for FutureOS: