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Developed by Pascal Séguy in a 48KB ZX Spectrum, it was later ported to the Amstrad CPC and released in 1985 by Micro Application. In the UK it was distributed by Audiogenic Software LTD.

It features an assembler, monitor, debugger, and disassembler. The assembler works with tokenized input, which makes it faster than other assemblers of the time, and allows for the early detection of syntactic errors in the source code. Like BASIC, DAMS stores the source code in tokenized form as well.

DAMS does not recognize undocumented opcodes.

Along with Maxam, this was one of the most popular assemblers in the french CPC Scene.

The code was open sourced in 2015 by Pascal Séguy. It is available under the terms of the GPL 3.0 License.